Take Accounting to a Higher Level

If you are already in the field of accounting but are looking to take it a step further and advance your career, you may want to consider obtaining training in Strategic Management ? Accounting. Job titles upon completion of a strategic management program include: assistant controller or controller, accounting manager, accounting supervisor or business analyst. Each job description consists of different duties . There are, however, common tasks such as providing advice on financial decisions, preparing and maintaining financial reports, keeping financial records up-to-date, training and managing new accountants, performing daily banking requirements, and more.

Employment for strategic management in accounting exists in all sectors of business including financial institutions, government offices, public accounting firms, manufacturing industries, service industries, small business and self-employment.

One option in obtaining this training is to attend Centennial College?s Strategic Management ? Accounting program, which is designed as a graduate certificate program and takes two semesters to complete. It covers advanced accounting as well as financial and strategic management ? topics that are required to be successful in today?s competitive business world.

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